Monday, November 3, 2008

HalloWeiner Weekend

Okay, so this will be my first picture post ever. I'll let the photos do most of the talking, but before I post them, I'll give you all a little background.

This weekend was full of non-stop fun and fuckery. I had a fantabulous time, to say the least. I went to a black house party, and on a "clear" (lol Jaded) one. Had to balance it out, you know. Anyway, I feel the need to give a heads up on the clear party I went to, as it was a hot coonish mess, even more so than the black party. It was themed All Slutz Day. Sorry if that offends any hardcore Christians (All Saints Day). The idea was to come in your skimpiest attire. Bras, panties, boxers, fishnets--the cuntier, the better. (I thought I was skimpy enough but it turned out I was overdressed. You'll see in a minute). Just a way to make fun of and exaggerate the sluttery that is everpresent on Halloween. Think Mean Girls. The only thing I didn't know was that 80% of the guys there would be gay. A grand old fag fest. So please be forewarned that there may be a few penis shots and/or homo makeout sessions. I'll try my best to spare you, but I can't make any promises.

Sidenote: I was a tad bit tipsy. You'd have to be too, in order to participate in this type of fuckery. Please believe alot of these pictures (of me at least) will be be deleted within a 24 hour period. And um, also keep in mind that the camera adds 40lbs.
All Slutz Day The only non-flash pic of the night. Just try to imagine this lighting throughout the entire house.My gay crush (left) and my RA (center); I need new friends.

One of the many Jokers we ecountered that night.

My BDF (Best Dorm Friend) posin' with the 'mos.

The gayest shot of the night.

(I almost died when the played the remix version of "I Kissed a Girl"...Nastiness.)
There are actually about 30 more pics, but I don't want to have to put a content restriction on my blog. So use your imaginations if you're curious.
Okay, so I cheated. There were a few more pics of me participating in all sorts of shinnanigans (a few risque poses, and a some suggestive shots with the homos) but I'm too much of a punk to post them.
Halloween Party

As much as much as I enjoyed some clear people coonery (we'll spread that word like wildfire, Jaded lol), it was nice to participate in some black people coonery.
Me in my sexy witch costume...totally it up.

Lil Jon, MIA, and Lupe Fiasco

Dave Chapelle fans know--I love this one lol

Please note the the stretcher being taken into my dorm to save some poor drunken ass mess.
Over all, I had a pretty awesome weekend.

Picture posts are a bitch to format! Ugh.


Teems said...

I loved the girls with MIA and stuff. cute! Looks like you had fun!

Charles said...

Haha...dorm life...its like I miss it and don't at the same time.

Jaded said...


This shit is awesome and I soooooo fucking love the MIA,LUPE, an lil jon! And tyron! OMG I love them all.

Muze said...

hahahaha! wow. looks like a VERY interesting halloween. lol.

you were a cute witch though!

Bloggal said...

@ teems: yeah, i thought that she made an awesome MIA. seriously. they killed.

@ charles: lol i know the feeling. i do get a kick out of dorm life, but i am sooooo out of here next year. i'm looking for an apartment right now for Fall 09.

@ jaded: i know! there were ALOT of great costumes. i especially loved the tyrone one. i heard he stayed in character all night too lol.

@ muze: "interesting" doesn't do it justice; "insanity" would better describe it lol. i've NEVER been to a halloween party before and i can't help but wonder if they're all as raunchy as these were lol.

Anonymous said...

DIED DIED DIED AT the Tyrone biggums, the M.I.A And the bois! they would have loved me as their all grand supreme Tranny queen! LOVED ME YOU HEAR!! my Faghagmeter just done broke!

I want your fucking Shoes you tramp!

karrie b. said...

DEADDDDDDDDD @ MIA! and tyrone biggums! and captain planet ass planet! you get the official CUNT stamp, specially if daddy QQ approves too.

Bloggal said...

LMAO @ supreme tranny queen and faghagmeter--gotta use that someday!

i paid pennies for those shoes. seriously. they were like, $20.

Bloggal said...

@ kb: yay!!!! i'm so honored! don't be surprised if you see a custom designed "cunt stamp" on my side bar soon...lmao.

clnmike said...

Lol, good times.

Eb the Celeb said...

OMG... all the pics I've seen have had a Tyrone Biggums in the

Anonymous said...

Those pics are so damn funny! I don't even know where to start with them. But you're definitely a hot ass chick- straight homo!


Now... come on... show us those risque pics... your secrets are safe in blog land. LMAO

Anonymous said...

Hey, is that guy in the Blue supposed to be Xandir, from Drawn Together? LOL

Bloggal said...

@ Glo: LMAO @ straight homo! hahahah...but you missed it girly. i did have ONE raunchy pic of me up here but i deleted it with a quickness lol.

@ fluff: yes girl! you're the first person to call that out LOL

Experience is the best teacher. said...

Yup! I think I know even more than ever which school you go to... Just based on the dorm shots...

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