Sunday, May 3, 2009


You guys already know I'm weird so I'm not going to try and explain myself.  I'm kinda obsessive compulsive about things like this but um...Can one more person follow me so I can have a nice round number? I'm at 49 right now and it doesn't look right. 

Yeah. I said it doesn't look right.

Thanks lovers. 



RAEthoven said...

problem solved.
although i do read just never comment lol

Bloggal said...

thank yoooou! i just shouted out to you in my next post lol.

Gem said...

I'm the same way so don't even feel crunchy about it. The volume on the radio or TV must end in 0 or 5. Let my husband have the TV volume on 27. It's on.

Bloggal said...

@ gem: did you for real just say "crunchy"? i love you more now, baby.

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