Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hey kiddies.

Just wanted to check in. Thanks a lot for those of you who sent emails wishing me well. I do feel a lot better now (physically). My fever has subsided, and so has the sore throat and body aches. All I have is the annoying cough but I can deal with it. I just can't wait for me to be over it entirely so I can't get back in my workout groove.

Without going into detail, today really sucked. I have no intentions on writing why it sucked, but sometimes it feels good to say that much. Anyway, just giving you guys a heads up that I may not blog much, if at all, this weekend because I have to play catch up from being sick last week. You'll be hearing from me soon enough though.



a passive observer said...

Dear Sydney,

I dont like this template.



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