Sunday, May 4, 2008

Surviving a Long Distance Relationship

Challenging and difficult are the words that best describe long-distance relationships (LDR). Keep in mind however, that the words are challenging and difficult, not impossible. The truth is, an LDR has just as much a chance of succeeding as any other relationship.

Setting the foundation

The most important thing for a couple facing distance to do is discuss how exclusive their relationship will be. This is one area commonly overlooked. It shows where each person stands and sets clear ground rules for the relationship.

When one person is more committed, he/she starts ruminating over whether or not their partner will cheat. It creates high anxiety and can become a serious problem.
So, talking candidly with your partner about your expectations for the relationship is one of the first things you should do. This is way it is easier to avoid heartbreak in the future.

Staying in touch

With any relationship, it is a necessity to be very commutative with each other. When distance is a barrier, it’s even more important to stay in touch. With cell phones, email, and instant messaging, you might think communicating with your partner would be as easy as signing in to AIM or dialing their phone number. It isn’t.

Though people nowadays are more in touch, communication isn’t better. You have to make sure that what your partner says is understood, not just heard. When you do that, you develop trust and closeness.
To achieve this closeness, it’s a good idea to have conversations about the mundane events of your life with your partner. This creates a kind of intimacy that geographically close couples don’t have to work as hard to achieve.

Other simple ways to keep in touch are sending texts, frequent emails, voice mails, personalized cards, hand written letters, tape recorded messages, and even videos. The key is to think of creative ways to help your partner feel secure and keep them interested.

Have faith

With the right amount of effort and interest on both ends, a long distance relationship can survive the obstacles it will frequently be challenged with. As long as you both trust each other, inform one another of your personal lives, keep in touch, and visit regularly, your relationship can turn out to be one of the most successful and happy relationships you’ve ever been in.


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