Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Second, Second Chances?

Second chances. What a concept.

The idea that one is entitled to make a mistake, but is granted the opportunity to make up for it.

God gave Mankind a second chance. Tyra gave Jaslene a second chance. Second chances make the world go 'round!

You know where this is headed...

I had finally spoken to MK since Friday (turns out he was involved in a fender bender) and we made plans together for Monday night. Of course I didn't set my hopes high because of his recent shortcomings, however, I did expect him to come through...Surprise, surprise. I sent MK a break up text message that night. I know, that's almost as low as an email. Or a Post-It. But in my defense, I only did it because I couldn't get in touch with him. It was a little disappointing because I did actually like the guy. But I knew I couldn't get used to the whole invisible man thing. So I grieved a little that night and went to sleep.

At 12:30 the next day, he called me. He apologized and plead his case. He promised me, it would never happen again, if I gave him a second chance.

Deja vu...I could've sworn we had this conversation about three weeks ago. Nevertheless, I gave him a second, second chance.

I know what some of you may be thinking. A "second chance" is just that. A SECOND chance. There's no such thing as a second, second chance. But are second chances really as open and shut as they sound? Are they really only second chances? Can there be third or fourth, second chances? Did you follow that (lol)?

The meaning of "second chance" is purely subjective. To some, it's only one opportunity to redeem yourself, and to others it's simply another chance. Personally, I mostly identify with the latter. Because, lets be realistic. We're human. We make mistakes--plural, not singular. And sometimes we need a second, second chance.

The real question is, where does the thin line between "fool me twice shame on me", and second, second chances meet?


Canon said...
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Cool Kidd Cann said...

without second chances... if everybody had to get it right the first time or else... alot of things in the world wouldn't be what they are, or as good as they are or can be

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

2nd chances for loosers my uncle said
do good and right from day one
real men do folk

a passive observer said...

Now you know that last question had "Carrie" written all over it, right?

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