Thursday, July 9, 2009

So, this is looking like the new layout. Aside from some minor changes, I'll probably leave it the way it is for a couple of months. It was definitely time for a lighter background. I've had a black one for the past year or so. I guess the old color scheme--black, red, and white--kind of mirrored my mood at the time I made it. I'm feeling a lot lighter these days and I thought my blog should reflect that. Not so satisfied with the font of the header though. The font options on Blogger kind of suck. If anyone knows about a software that allows you to choose from more font options, PLEASE put me on.

Another thing I wanted to address in this post are my new Followers. Just wanted to say hey to all of you who've recently subscribed! I really appreciate it, and will soon return the favor. As for my new quiet lurkers--I see you all. My blog stats have spiked this month for some reason, so I want to hear from you! I love hearing what you guys think, what you'd want to see me blog about, and any other suggestions you might have. I want to know you 'Unknown' IP addresses. Who you are, where you're from. So, please don't be afraid to comment. I promise I don't bite :).

And finally, I just wanted to clarify my last post. I apologize if it seemed the least bit combative or defensive, because I really didn't mean it to appear that way. I just reread the final paragraph and realized that it could've been misinterpreted since it kind of seemed like I was implying that you, my blog fam, were trying to discourage me. Just so it's clear, I was speaking about people in my life, and NOT any of you. What I appreciate most about my readers is that, even when you disagree with me or my actions, you're always considerate, respectful, and constructive. I just wanted you all to know that I appreciate ALL feedback--positive or negative.


Charles said...

What're you looking for in a banner...something simple and text only, or are you looking for a collage/illustration type thing? I may be able to help you...just shoot me an email

Anonymous said...

If you want to change the font you use for your blog, you have to do so using the HTML coding under the Layout/Edit HTML section. Simply look for the "text font" section and change it to whatever font you want and you can also change the font size as well.

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