Friday, July 18, 2008

Yo-Yo Dating

Ever since the beginning of time, I have been a yo-yo dieter. This year, unsatisfied with my body after the infamous Freshmen 15, I decided to try and shed a few pounds for the Fall. I swear off certain foods but each effort usually falls by the wayside after a week or so. Every yo-yo dieter knows why. Because the foods that you have to stop eating--things like pasta, bread, cheese, chocolate, etc--are the foods that you love the most. But the foods that you love the most, are also the foods that kill your diet. It's a love hate relationship.

Reflecting on my experiences with yo-yo dieting, I'm reminded of another bad habit I've had of late: Yo-Yo Dating.

In my last post I swore to stay off men didn't I? And now, a mere two days later, I find myself in the company of a new guy I met a couple of days ago. And no, it's not even Mr. Big Time.

Call me crazy. Seriously. I give you permission to because I know I seem bipolar or schizophrenic by the way I flip flop on this blog. One day I say I hate men, the next, I'm in love with one. Obviously this is an exaggeration, but I think you get my point.

Now that I'm annoyed with my own fickleness, I can't help but wonder, are healthy relationships and healthy diets really all that different? Think about it. We stop eating fatty foods because they're not good for us. We stop dating certain men because their not good for us. But try as we might, those foods that are the unhealthiest are the ones we can't help but go back to. And sometimes we can't help but fall for the bad boy. But do either ever have a healthy outcome? Is it possible to have both--the excitement of the naughty with the benefits of the nice?

As my sister would say, this post has "Carrie" written all over. Sex and the City fans know lol.


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