Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hungry? Why Wait?

There's something that I've been wanting to say on this blog for a very long time, but haven't because of the questions that may arise from my real life acquaitances who read it. But I've decide that, today, I'm finally going to put an end to my self-censorship. It's gone on far too long.

So, here goes...

I have a confession: I haven't had sex in three months:(.

"Big deal," you may say. But believe me, it is a very big deal. I was used to having sex at least three times a week before I quit cold turkey. And now...nothing.

I used to tell myself that I'd only have sex with the one I was in love with. You see, that's how I somehow justified my affair with Ex. I loved him. Yeah, I was homewrecking at the time, but it was all in love. Right. I've gotten real with myself and realized that love doesn't make it right. I've also matured to the point that I'm not infactuated with every guy I date, which means that I won't be loving MK until we're far down the line.

I like MK. Alot. But based on my previous criteria, I won't be having sex with him anytime soon because 'like alot' isn't enough.

The question I can't help but ask myself lately is, really why not? What am I waiting for? I've been steady with MK for three months now so what's stopping me? Societal pressures force women to create reasons why we shouldn't have sex. Everything--love, marriage, morality, religion, fear of criticism, fear of infidelity, trying to keep my sex number on one hand, etc.--becomes a factor.

But I'm getting to the point where the need is becoming palpable, and all of my reasons for abstaining are beginning to fade away. When we're hungry, we eat. We don't deprive ourselves of the nutrition that our bodies are crying out for. We give them what they want.

So my question is, if we don't deprive ourselves of food, why do we as women, sometimes deprive ourselves of sex?

Like the Snickers slogan goes: Horny? Why wait?...or something like that lol.

Have a lovely weekend:)


Anonymous said...

*giggles* You are a betterwoman than me... A Longtime ago I posed the same question to myself and my answer was:


And Naturally since I discovered my own body age 13 and started playing around with it and being interested in sex and reading other people's "how to's" and takes on it and all of that after I wait=ed and did not have my first experience til I was about to turn 21 or something? (On purpose) I decided that Celibacy Is NOT for me, AT. ALL I enjoy sex, I enjoy men, I enjoy the release, I'm An Adult, I don't want a relationship but that doesn't mean I don't want sex, so as long as I'm using protection and being perfectly honest (AND someone is being HONEST to me) If I like it and want it, I'm going for it and I'm NOt feeling one damned bit bad about it (Howeer this I'll say: Chicks tend to get attachment entwined with sex, few women can, in fact, date like men... I can cause I am a Genius at compartmentalizing so to me good sex is good sex and it doesn't mean I'm calling you every day and vice versa or have expectations of a future and bringing anyone home to mom and all that mess)

Society and macho men dictates can kiss my ass

Bloggal said...

@ Q: I think you're my shero lol...

I, too, have been a very sexual person since I could remember. It's just a part of who I am and to ignore the call of the wild getting a bit difficult lol.

But thanks for sharing your perspective. I couldn't agree with you more.

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