Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Older Man/Daddy Phase

I'm noticing a trend in who I've been attracted to lately. Of the six dudes that I've seriously talked to this summer (yes, I know I'm a dating whore) the three that I found myself most attracted to were way older than me. For those who don't know, I'm a baby. (I'll be 20 in November.) So, I realize that it's a bit odd for me to actually prefer a guy who's at least 5 years my senior. MK just made 26 last week...And he's the BABY of my older men!

My theory is that older men are more lax when it comes to dating and relationships. They don't call everyday, and that's how I like it. They're not clingy and there's no pressure to get serious. Yes, men who are bachelors beyond the age of 25 may have a reputation for not being able to commit, but since that's where I am in life, it works! The younger guys I've encountered this summer are just the opposite. Blowing up my phone, like, 12 times a day. And all this talk of the future...Scary.

God, have I become that desensitized to bull shit that I wouldn't know romance if slapped me in the face? Maybe I'm so used to not getting the attention I want from someone I'm dating, that it's what I prefer now. And a guy that shows me too much attention, like Mr. Hello Beautiful, becomes a stalker.

Jeez, it would suck if that was true....

Any Psych majors out who can enlighten me on why I'm going through the Older Man phase?
And any younger guys out there care redeem your age group? Is love at first sight the norm nowadays?


Anonymous said...

is about the maturity level, I have just this year for the first time ever person my own age, and i'm 28, at20 I married a 28 year old and generally speaking my dates/bfs are at least 6-7 years older than me. my bro and sister are sort of like me and always being told they are "mature for their age" and they too have always only exclusively dated at least 5 years older than them if not more.. I think we just don't mesh well with people our age

Anonymous said...

You crack me up girl...

I think you have just matured over the guys your age, so naturally you gravitate towards older men.

Now obviously, there is nothing wrong with this, but I do see your concern. Young dudes play games, and are still into playing the field. As men mature there very own "maternal clock" kicks in, and for some, that’s when they begin to be laxed about the woman in their lives, so they can take their time and feel her out. It just depends on the place they are in, in their lives.

Now as far as the "stalker dude" mentality that you've brought up, I hadn't the slightest clue. As you know, I dealt with some similar nonsense recently, and I can't for the life of me understand this "love at first sight" shit. It just doesn't seem plausible?

But then again, there could just be something in the air. LOL.

Or! Oh wait! You're intelligent...witty...I mean, the list goes on. These dudes could totally just me smitten with you, and lots of attention is their way of showing this?

Bloggal said...

@ Q: Wow, married at 20? And to a 28 year old??? That's courage lol...But it does come down to maturity. I find older men insanely attractive for some reason. The way they talk, the way they dress...I don't know what it is but guys my age just aren't doing it for me anymore. Meh-- it's whatev. I prefer a man with a few rings around his trunk anyway *wink wink* LMAO.

@ GLO: Awww thanks sweety!!! I'd like to think that I'm just that damn fly that I've got dudes fallin' in love with me at first sight, but I'm more convinced that the world's gone crazy and there aren't any sane ones left....At least not in my town LOL.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

women your age say they find me attractive and when i tell them im 45
they say im lying
go figure
but they dont care

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