Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So yesterday was the big date. Before I opine about how it went, I'll give you a brief overview.

We met downtown at noon. We went to Subway for lunch. And then we went to a random vending machine/waiting room to talk. And that was the extent of the date.

Now, for the details:

He did arrive on time, which I was very gracious for. We met up at Millenium Park and he asked me if I had eaten lunch yet. I told him I hadn't so he suggested we go to Subway. We walked and talked a couple of blocks, and when we got there he told me that I could go ahead of him. I told him he could go first because I needed time to decide. He placed his order and then I placed mine. When we got to the register and the cashier asked, "seperate or together?" he turns to me and says, "you got this, right?"....Right. We sit down at a table and he excuses himself to use the restroom. Because there wasn't one in Subway, he went to a nearby building. 20 minutes later he comes back. At this point, I'm finished with my entire meal. We talk a little while and when he's done eating we get up and leave.

It's about 45 degrees outside but the lake effect made it feel more like 30. He asked me if I just wanted to walk around for a while, and I said "Ummm...no. It's freezing out here. Is there somewhere we can go to get out of the cold?" He says "There's this cafe I know of..." On the way to the cafe, this random guy asks us if he can take a picture of us. We decline. But as soon as he says, "C'mon man, you can make a quick $5."_____ stops dead in his tracks and agrees. We take the picture and he pockets the bill.

We continue walking to the cafe. When we get to the building, I realize that what he met by 'cafe' was a vending machine room that sold coffee and had tables set up in it. We sat down and talked there for hours until my mother called me. Because I had traveled from the suburbs, she was calling to find out if I needed a ride back home from the train station. I accepted her offer and we finally left. He walked me back to the train station, and we said our goodbyes.

What did you expect from a guy that doesn't have a car, my mom asked as I told her about the "date". I quickly corrected her that it wasn't about him not having a car OR making me pay for my meal OR not having any sort of itenerary planned OR not showing up looking (or smelling) presentable. It was the fact that there was just no effort. None whatsoever.

Now, maybe it was my fault for thinking this was a date when it wasn't. Apparently, to him all we were doing was hanging out. When a guy asks me on a date, I interpret that as two main things: He has a plan and he plans on paying. There was no planning involved, which sucked because I wasn't exactly familar with the area we were in. Granted, I am from the City. But I grew up on the Southside, not the downtown area. And by the time I made it to highschool, I moved to the suburbs of Chicago so it was harder to even get downtown without making a roadtrip out of it. Because he is more familar with that area, I expected him to at least have some sort of itnerary instead of basically asking me to lead the way.

Now let's get one thing straight: I'm soooo not materialistic or shallow. I already knew he was a struggling student and I was okay with that. I could deal with paying for my own meal and finding my own way to a date. But what was a major turn off was the fact that he didn't try. At all. I'm struggling too, but I still put my best face foward to leave a good impression. Though we met once or twice before, this was essentially our first real personal impression of each other. And he didn't try to make a good one at all. He showed up looking like he'd just rolled out of bed and smelling like he had just had a bomb ass workout. I felt extremely overdressed even though all I had on was jeans, flats, and a nice blouse.

I don't know if it was because of the lack of effort, but for some reason I just wasn't feeling him as much as I had been before. I mean, the conversation was okay, but the chemistry plummeted as the date went on. The romantic feelings that were once budding for him began morphing into friend feelings, and I knew then and there that ______ wasn't going to earn his nickname.

I spent $20 on food and transportation and now I only have $6 to my name. What sucks is that I can't even say the date was enjoyable. Truth be told, if I had known I would've had to spend my last pennies on this supposed "date" that he asked me out on, my broke ass absolutely would have declined.
So, please say it with me ladies: WOMP.

If I had to grade the date, I'd give it a D+. And the "+" is only because he was there on time.


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

He knew actually what he was doing and should be ashamed! Ugh I'm so tired of these bum dudes!...he couldn't pay for subway? :( Hopefully your next date with a BETTER guy would be better

(vixenchick) said...

eeeekkk! that's a hell date.



ShAy~SHaY said...

smh struggling student or not you shouldn't have had to pay for that "date". Im sure he knew he was broke before he asked you out so I don't understand why he even asked you out.

When he turned around and said "You got it..right?" I would've been like "NO...u can get it" lol. I hope you never "date" this man again.

strangetimes said...

"WOMP" is right.

antithesis said...

omg. all i can say is im am sooooo proud of you for remaining tactful and staying for the duration. this person did not deserve your time, but you graciously provided it to him.

Coogie Cruz said...


What a lame!

A D+ is prob. a better grade than what he really deserved in my opinion, a F.

unequivocal difference said...

This is truly disheartening. Even if he thought you both were just 'hanging out' (which I doubt, he can't be that dense) he shouldn't come to the situation smelling like sweat sock toe jam. That's just rude!

And he couldn't hook you up with a 5 dollar footlong? Shameful!

Ew, he makes me sick. You are better than me because I would have told him about himself... Promptly - like within the first whiff.

Experience is the best teacher. said...

Wow. What a loser. I wouldn't even want to be his friend! He's just selfish and inconsiderate. Glad he's of no real importance to you...

Keep it movin and enjoy the rest of your spring break... That fool doesn't deserve a second thought. Where the heck did you even meet him?

J said...

I am in tears. Where on earth did you find him? He should be ashamed of himself. I swear if this is the caliber of men that are out there regardless of age, I rather be single for life. I am like you, not materialistic, but he could have paid for his meal. That is just trifling...and then pocketed money from a picture. Definitely leave this fool in the rear view mirror..Not worth the time to revisit that bum again.

N.I.K.E. said...

I Mean...Wow. You Actually Stayed...For The Whole Thing. That's Integrity Right There.

I'll Admit That I Kinda Don't Plan Anything In Advance.

But Dude Is Really Like...

"Uh...You Got It Right?" Word? Wow.

That's Some Sad Shit Right There.

It Really Is.

And Then Got The Nerve To Take You To A Water Cooler [Or Was It Vending Machine] To Talk.

One Thing I'm Curious About Though, What Exactly Did Ya'll Talk About That Just Kept You From Just Smelling Like Straight Asscheeks?

Eh..Well At Least He Was On Time.

Still Got The "Stomach Virus Face" When He Said, "You Got It Right?"

That's Some Poor Ass Shit!

A $5 Dollar Footlong Nigga?


And Then Had The Nerve To Keep The $5 Dollars From The Picture Yall Took.

He Could've At Least Gave You The $5 For Being Such A Cheap Skate.

Man! Niggas Like That Make People Like Me Look Bad...

N.I.K.E. said...

* I Meant To Say What Was Ya'll Talking About That Kept You From Telling Hime That He Smell Like a Sweatsock Dipped In Ass?

Sorry About That.

Miss Moody said...

OMG!!! I just had an awful date yesterday too. The sad part is that we've been in each other's presence multiple times and he claims to want something more with me(I don't exactly feel the same way, but whatev). The date just sucked. I felt overdressed too!!! I mean, he paid and drove... but it seemed like he had an attitude about it and he made me freeze in the car b/c HE doesn't like turning his heat on. He purposely parked 5 mins away from the place just because HE felt like walking. In dead silence, of course. Although, I tried talking to him. He did some other stuff too that I wasn't too thrilled about, but this comment is long enough already. Ugh! I guess me and you will just have to try again :-)

Anonymous said...

Wooooow! Y'all are really going HARD on dude I see.

That's dating, chica. Some are great, some are so-so and some are a bust. Just keep it moving. Dude may end up as a cool indvidual. Just not the type you date.

G-Ron said...


This nigga is obviously trippin' but I am glad to see that things were at least in your favor enough for you to get a ride home.

Fuck that! This nigga deserves the "Assclown of The Year" award because there are rules to a date and even if you think it was just hanging out, this nigga didn't even try. In the words of the great Katt Williams, "At least if you're dumb you're supposed to try". Man, I hope the next one goes better. (^_^)


Anonymous said...

Aww, that would be $10 to your name if it wasn't for me:(

YoungBlackBeauty said...

BOOOO! I can understand paying for MY meal but I would never pay for a guy's meal on the first date. Thank go that hasn't happened to me yet. I wish you still had your money honey.

Anonymous said...

WOW NIGGA.... Fuck Effort Game Proper!

He got mad skill and shit


Anonymous said...

and that motherfucker doesnt even get an F from me... to get an F you at LEAST had to be a sorry date but actually pay

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