Monday, March 9, 2009

Worst Weekend Ever

Quick apologies for being away for so long. Last week was insanely emotional/hectic for me. Didn't have the heart to blog. My weekend wasn't much better.


I worked from 5-9 after a long day of classes. Shortly after I get home, I catch word that there's a bomb threat at the dorm across the street from mine. I thought it was a rumor until I see all the cops outside with yellow police tape. Apparently they found a suspicious suitcase near the building and they didn't want to take chances because earlier that day, a bomb went off at another location on campus (WTF?). They ended up blowing up the suitcase and determining that there was indeed a bomb in it.


Usually my day off but I went to work a few hours at the gallery. I was looking forward to getting off though because I had plans with someone. Remember that guy who stood me up earlier this year? It was him again. He contacted me on Facebook and asked why I had disowned him. He apologized for his last shortcoming and asked if he could make up for it. I told him yes, but long story short, he stood me up again. I asked him why and he said "hahahahahah. my bad, i was slapped last night. it wasn't intentional." Epic fail negro.


I worked (again) and crashed as soon as I got off. Woke up to do some homework but first went to the dining hall across the street (aka Ex's dorm) to get something to eat. I almost made it out without running into him but at the very last second, I turn around and there he is. Ugh. It was the most awkward its ever been but still, we pretended not to see each other and went our separate ways. The shit completely fucked up my focus so homework went out the window for the night.

Had an opportunity to be charitable that night so I did. Some dude frantically stops me in the street asking if I could spare any money cause his little sister had been picked up for being underage in the presence of alcohol. Even though I shouldn't have given a fuck, I still gave the dude $15. That's a hell of a lot for my broke ass. I don't know what possessed me to do it. He was all gracious and like, I promise I'll pay you back! He gave me his number to call him later. Just tried that shit and it was the number to a local


Awaken by violent winds and hurricane ass rain. We had a tornado watch until 4pm, but I still had to go to work. While I was there all the power went out. I thought they were gonna let us go, but they made us stay for an hour in case the lights came back on. Being in a museum in the dark is sooooo not what's hot. The lights never came back on so they released us. Get back to my dorm to find out the power was down there too. Everywhere on campus, the power was down. Everybody was pissed because they couldn't access their homework, let alone eat. On top of that, there was a T.I. concert that people have been looking forward to for months. Best believe that shit was cancelled. What sucks is, the last time T.I. was supposed to be here was in the Fall of '07. But he didn't perform because this concert was the very day after he'd gotten arrested. I guess his ass just wasn't meant to perform here.

Lights stayed off from 3:30pm-9:30pm. Since the power was back on, we'd still have class today and be held responsible for work assigned over the weekend. Only problem was I had a shitload of homework I hadn't even started on and it was already 10pm. Stayed up until 4am (cause day light savings time fucked up my sleep) doing homework. But my ass managed to oversleep and so I ended up not getting credit for the work anyway.

And thaaaaat was my weekend. Just hope this week is better.

11 days til Spring Break...


Experience is the best teacher. said...

I'm sorry, hun! I hate that you had such a horrible weekend. This weekend will be better for ya. U going to any of the ACA events?

Yes, only a few more days to spring break! Start your countdown! :-) Hope you bounce back from the homework setback!

Sorry about being stood up and about running into the Ex. Just get used 2 it. Eventually, seeing him won't even affect you! :-)

1/3 said...

awww:-( this was a really bad weekend for you.

dude that stood you up deserves to be outed...Im just saying lol

I know you will bounce back this week and spring break will be here before you know it!:-)

strangetimes said...

Bizzare. Just bizzare. So many different irritations all happening over a four day period.

Last week was s**** for me too. I had an early evaluation with my placement teacher for my training and she was not impressed with my personality and teaching style, so I had to spend the weeking devising ways of how I can cynically alter my personality to make her happy, so I can get a decent final review.

Enjoy your spring break and I hope you have a stressless week.

Keith said...

Sometimes it just be like that! We all have what I like to call,bust out weekends..It gets better, believe that!

s a s h a said...

Lmao.. I know its fucked up.. But its probably thee funniest movie weekend ever lol.. It'll get better.

YoungBlackBeauty said...

Dayum boo. I had a fucked up weekend too. You should take a shot before bed, it helps. Nest week will be better.

Anonymous said...

oh honeybunches! you cant even make this shit up!!

hope you are in the process of having a better week

ShAy~SHaY said...

wow that's crazy that people are leaving bombs at your school. I'm guessing someone has it in for someone in that school. But whatever the case might be, I hope you don't have to go thru that again cause that's definitely a scary predicament.

I know first hand because we use to have bomb threats every other day in my jhs. Even tho nothing ever happened, it was scary to even think someone would attempt to bomb a place that has so many innocent kids, teenagers and/or young adults

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