Sunday, April 12, 2009

Better Late Than Never.

Today I was on Facebook and happened to notice that I had an Honesty Box message. The fact that I had one at all was surprising because I was sure I'd deleted my H-Box long ago. When I clicked it, I saw that I had received these three messages in the past four months:

-I think you are a charming, sharply funny, and sweet person. You come across as a person who has her likes and dislikes and is not afraid to make them known. You are not afraid to call people out when they disappoint you or when they do the wrong thing. You are also strong and resilient. You might also be tired of having to be strong all the time; maybe you just want one time to just let your guard down and feel at ease.

-To Define Beauty One Only Needs To Find You. You Are Truly One Of GOD's Most Beautiful Creations

-You are an incredible and remarkable woman. Despite all of the drama that goes on in your life, you are resilient and you know how to endure. Despite everything that has been thrown at you, hope still resides in you. You want to hold onto it and protect it, so it can be nurtured and grow spectacularly. Frankly, you are what I consider to be my dreamgirl.

This absolutely made my day. The timing couldn't possibly have been better.

Maybe I wasn't meant to see this until now.

Thank you, stranger(s). Whoever you may be...


Thanks to all who replied to my previous post. Contrary to how it may seem, I am do substantially better now. I wanted to come to a point where I was completely confident that I was on the path to happiness before I posted about what was going on with me. I take everything life throws at me is a learning and growing experience. What I'm dealing with now is no different. So, don't worry about me lovelies. You know I'm a strong girl, and getting stronger everyday. I'm going to come out on top. I always do ;-).



Anonymous said...

This was all so sweet but most importantly...TRUE

karrie b. said...

it IS true, and you better believe it!!!

Experience is the best teacher. said...

Glad you're feeling better! Such sweet messages!

I mostly got mean and nasty things in my honesty box!

I'm coming to the College Town Thursday to revisit the law school and check out some appartments... If I see you around, I'll come up and say hi! :-)

Miss Moody said...

Aww, those were nice. Yeah, I've never even had a honesty box and somehow I still get messages.

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