Thursday, April 16, 2009

I <3 Granny Panties

One of the best things about being single is this:

I get to wear Granny Panties whenever I want!

You know how some women go through all their sexy underwear first and, the closer it gets to laundry day, all they have left are Granny Panties? It's the exact opposite for me. I know it's time to wash when all I see is lace and silk in my underwear drawer. I don't know about you ladies, but I actually prefer a pair of 100% cotton bikinis to having a piece of string stuck in my ass all day.

Now, don't get me wrong. I do like to sex it up every now and then. Not for anyone in particular but because, well to be honest, I think I look damn good in lingerie. So, sometimes I will wear a thong, silk undies, or swexy boyshorts just for the hell of it. But this, this ^ is wear my heart is <3.

Y'all might think it's silly thing to blog about, but it's something I genuinely appreciate. Guys have gotten so picky about sexy underwear that they're starting to consider anything that isn't a g-string Granny Panties. So, as a single lady not getting any kind of action, I'm taking full advantage of my right to comfortable underwear and repping Granny Status hardcore. Everyday that I get to walk around without a constant wedgie is pure happiness.


Mr. Heartbreak/Oryan The Scion said...

That's what's up!

Jaded said...

i actually hate thongs/ g strings and while i own a few, they are strictly for no panty line situations.

boyshorts are cute in theory but never look good under my work pants

I find that the vs pink line satisfies my need for comfort and cuteness!

Its the matching that gets me. Man, to hell if im gonna be matchin all the damn time!

Eb the Celeb said...

lmao... but so true... i have been wearing the hell out of mine the past couple months... they have never got this much action since being on my sex break

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I love granny panties, they are the most comfortable! ;)

Anonymous said...

Ah, Syd my dear - how I DO so love to stop in at your blog and to find you talking about your favorite underwear. It conjures up SUCH a wonderful picture in the old silly's head. Thanks, sweetie! :)

Anonymous said...

So funny! I just tweeted about this last night and had dudes cracking up. I TREASURE the nights I sleep solo when I can reach for the grannies before bed.

strangetimes said...

As a man who has worn thongs because my old sweetie found me cute in them, I have to concur with your observations.

Ladies, after my experience, I really appreciate what you do for us guys. The first time I put on a thong, it took hours to get used to the thong-string riding up my ass.

After a while though, I did get used to it, but man do I love my boxers even more than before.

1/3 said...

LOL i thought about this post when I saw this scene the other day.

see some guys appreciate them lol

YoungBlackBeauty said...

I'm all about my No Boundaries panties from Walmart. $8 for eight very cute pattern undies. My draw in dominated by them. Screw vicky secrets and their expensive underwear.

YoungBlackBeauty said...
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YoungBlackBeauty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keith said...

Bikinis, whether cotton or silk are cool...and I can take or leave
thongs and G-strings..What I and most guys hate on women are those big old balloon panties.. (I suppose though, that's what you were talking about.) The kind that you can use for a parachute!!

Anonymous said...

I rather free ball it for some reason and oddly i stay wearing tops with no bottoms or what i refer as DonaldDUCKING IT lololol, but i dont like big chonies at all so i have the ones i need to ride out a period (bleh!)

a thing i REALLY appreaciate though is: drinking frrom the fucking jug!

Gem said...

This post has murked me, Sydney. Now, let's not get it twisted, all bikinis are NOT granny panties. I have bikinis, and I have granny panties. Thongs are only for ho-shit nights. Boy shorts are for sleeping; you can't take those hoes NOWHERE in public; theyont know how to act in your crotchal and assage area.

Anonymous said...

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