Monday, April 20, 2009

Is B.O. a No Go?

I asked this question on Twitter but I'm curious what you guys think.

Would you not date a person because of something as simple as really bad breath? Or any other type of body odor?


Jaded said...

IDK...hygiene is pretty important. Is this a one time thing? Like was he just coming from playing basketball?

I'm thinking that if he does have good hygiene then there might be something medically wrong with him...which hopefully means he KNOWS he doesn't smell great and goes to great lengths to take care of it. Which means I likely wouldn't smell it often (hopefully).

But yeah. I'm thinking no.

Experience is the best teacher. said...

Welll.... When I first started dating this one guy, he had an interesting smell...

But he was very sweet and charming. And attractive. And eventually I found out he gave what had to be the best dome on campus, and was *ahem* very well endowed, so... yeah... Apparently I kept dating him. lol.

I got used 2 it. Now I barely notice it. It wasn't a BAD smell though, just different, so Idk.

If it was anything overly offensive, I wouldn't give him the time of day.

Keith said...

Hygiene is extremely important to me and Bad Breath, Foot Odor and especially B.O. are definite deal breakers. I did sleep with a girl who had bad breath once..(I'm a guy,I can't help myself..what can I say? :) ) but my answer is usually ..NO..if you smell..I'm out !!!!!!

unequivocal difference said...

I dated a guy for a long while who had both of those things, bless his heart.

It was occasional though, so I was able to make it through and neither was extreme. But since I'm a blunt person, after a while of dating - I would tell him when he needed to freshen up.

So I would. And maybe after a while you can help them with their situation.

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...




nope we would not date!


Anonymous said...

Oh heeeeelllll no simply no! i can take you "natural" smell even though i like subtle fragrance... but b.o? any type? no no no

ShAy~SHaY said...

hell yea. BAd breath or odor is horrid. I mean if your dating someone how do you expect to be in the same vicinity as them or kiss or speak to em if u have to hold your breath.

I actually stopped talking to a guy because I didnt like his scent. He didnt stink but he had the street smell. The smell people have after working out or being in the streets all day and he smelled like that everytime I saw him. HE HAD TO GO lol

(vixenchick) said...

b.o. is gross. hell no. i could never date a dude with b.o. yuck!



Video Vix[o]n said...

i would date a person with bad BO, cuz i know that it's cureable. if they don't correct it, then we have an issue.

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