Tuesday, May 26, 2009

System Restore

Hey blogworld. How's life treating you?

I hope you all enjoyed your extended Memorial Day Weekends. I got together with the family yesterday, our first reunion since Christmas. It was nice, catching up with everyone. Seeing family has always been mildly therapeutic for me. Even though we have the stereotypical extended family--the one loud uncle, the crazy auntie, and the grandfather who never comes out of his room--it's nice to be around them. It's nostalgic for me. Takes me back to less complicated days of childhood. When all that mattered were family BBQs and harmless arguments about who won Scrabble.

Because I spent yesterday with family, today was a do nothing day kind of day. So, as promised, I played blog catch up. Even if I didn't comment, I did stop by and see what you guys have been up to in the past month or so. Much to my surprise, I wasn't as behind as I thought I would be. It seems everyone has had a case of writer's block/blog blues, and haven't been writing as much as they used to. And it's not just out of laziness or Twitter or being busy. I think we're all willing to admit that, in the past, even if we were busy, we found time to blog. But for some reason lately, so many of us have been lacking in ideas and motivation to sit down and write. I have a hunch that our current economic recession is prompting a nationwide motivational/emotional depression. But that's just my opinion.

Whatever it is, I think a lot of Americans are searching for something right now. We're searching for the days when we didn't have to worry about where our next meal would come from or whether we'd be able to pay our mortgage. Days when we didn't have make the choice between paying for AC or grandma's medication. Days when all that mattered were family BBQs and harmless arguments about who won Scrabble.

I know I said that already.

I can't help but wish that there was a way for us to go back in time. Nothing magical or metaphysical. Not even mental. I wish there was just a way that our minds could be restored to the state they were when we were children. Back when we were resilient. When we saw the good in every bad situation. When we'd fall off the jungle gym and bawl our eyes out, but we'd be right back on it as soon as our tears dried. Back before our hearts were broken. When we weren't jaded and cynical. When we were hopeless romantics and believed that love could really and truly conquer all.

My computer's been acting kind of wonky for the past few weeks. For some reason, it's been running slow and shutting down programs as soon as I open them. I figured that this was due to something I downloaded that was corrupting my computer, so I did a System Restore. I restored it to a date when I knew that it was in tip-top condition, and lo and behold, it ran faster and stopped closing programs! It's still a little glitchy sometimes, as some things were irreversible, but for the most part it runs the way it should.

What if we could restore our systems? We could set our minds and hearts a date before the the world jaded us, and we'd be restored to that point. As with PCs, we'd still be just a little glitchy, as some things couldn't be reversed. But it would be okay, because those glitches, those memories, are what make us who we are today. We need them to remember lessons learned. The good part is that that we'd be able to get rid of whatever toxic virus was corrupting our systems, keeping us from functioning at our fullest potential, but still had the wisdome we gained from those virues.

Man, wouldn't it be great it if was that simple?


1/3 said...

wow thanks for writing this syd! ur absolutely right about the lack of motivation to write in the blogsphere. the recession whether we are directly affected or not...it defintely affects your mood...noticed it alot at my internship. if i could reboot it would be great! Being in the real world..right now anyway is really frustrating.

anyways, i hope all is well with you and enjoy ur summer break!:-)

strangetimes said...

Great post. If human beings could evolve to the point where we have those little green "refresh" arrows somewhere on our bodies, I would be happy.

Until then, a cup of tea in the morning and a newspaper will work the same wonders.

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