Thursday, December 11, 2008

Final Exams

Yep, it's that time again. Luckily, this time it's not going to be anywhere near as stressful. I only have two final term papers to write, and two final exams to study for. And the due dates are all evenly distributed, which gives me ample time to devote to each. That said, I'm still going to be a little distant for the next week because this is the final stretch. I need to ace these essays and exams if I want to get a 3.8 or higher for the semester.

I'm not making any promises to not post though, because I never stick to them lol. If I'm moved to write, I will.

Good luck to everyone else who's preparing for finals!



Charles said...

Yeah...I remember when you were supposedly on a self imposed hiatus for school's sake...but we both know how that turned out. Good luck with finals though.


Latoya said...


Camila said...


I have been saying the same thing, but ehh. Blogging or studying.

Good luck though hot mama!


karrie b. said...

dont make me fight you.

even if you said "innie minnie sicicalily ooh ahh combalily" in 1 of your posts...

id fuck wit it.

id luck atchu crazy, but id fuck wit it just the same.

good luck!


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Good luck with your last finals! I just finished mine today and am so happy!! 3.8 dam girl I'm no where near your level ::holds head in shame::

Anonymous said...

best of luck Munchkin!

Bloggal said...

@ charles: haha i know man. i put my hw on hold before blogging. sad.


@ latoya: thanks hunny!;-)

@ camila: i know you feel me. i feel like i should drop out of school and blog full time. if only i

@ kb: you kill me. seriously. like bang, bang--dead.

thanks for the lucksies!

@ tuot: thanks girly:) i'm pullin for a 3.8. i've never got one since i started college but it seems possible this semester. but only if i KILL these finals.

@ qq: thanks mama!

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