Friday, December 19, 2008

Please Don't Touch My Panties.

Well, it's official guys and gals. My first semester is O-V-E-R! It's so easy to just dismiss the past six months like they never happened. Even though they'll come back to haunt (or delight) me in a week or two when grades are in. How ever things turn out, I'm just happy to be able to say that I'm DONE.

Sucky part is, I'm still here at school. All of my friends are long gone because their last finals were on Wednesday. I walked into my hallway just now and I swear I saw tumbleweeds. I'm the very last person to leave my floor. Either that, or I'm the only loser in my dorm on the last day of school. Whatever the case, it's both cool and creepy at the same time. I'm shocked I don't have a case of the alonesies.

::Leaves to turn on radio in the community bathroom::

So, here I am. And sooooo, ready to go. I've gotta tell this story about something that happened last night. I was tempted to skip the studying and immediately blog about it, but I knew that wouldn't be the wisest thing to do.

Okay, so last night I did some much needed laundry. I've let it pile up for the past few weeks and, since I didn't feel like dragging a bunch of dirty clothes home, I decided to just do it before I packed. So, I put on two loads and went to the computer lab to do some studying while I waited. Around this time of year, when the the laundry room gets severely packed, people start getting ignorant and impatient. It's not uncommon for people to remove someone elses clothes from a washer or dryer to put their own in. I set my timer for 30 minutes because I've heard horror stories about this happening. I didn't want it to happen to me, so after exactly 30 minutes I came back to the laundry room and put my clothes in the dryer for an hour. Set my timer once again, and went back to the computer lab.

After an exactly an hour was up, I head back to the laundry room. But when I get there, I see that one of my dryers has a bunch of jeans tumbling in it. How could that be, when I was using that one to dry all of my delicates? And then, there they were. All of my panties, socks, and bras, piled on top of a rusty ass ironing board. Needless to say, I freaked. I rushed over to my pile of undies ready to grab it up when....OH HELLLLLLL NAW!!! My shit is soaking wet!

What this means is some chick took my clothes out of my dryer in MID cycle! That's even worse than taking my stuff out after it was done. If that ain't triflin', I don't know what is. That's some clear people shit right there.

I had the mind to open the dryer and let her time run out, take her clothes out and pour bleach on them, hide her shit, or throw it away. But I did none of the above. I gathered up my wet panties and sullenly went back to my room.

I called my sister and told her all about it, because I was too heated. She asked me why I didn't do anything to her stuff and I was like "Duh! Two wrongs don't make a right. I don't need that coming back on me."...But I was ooohhhh soooo tempted to. God, you have no idea.

Then she tells me to at least confront the chick and I agreed to. So, I head back down to the laundry room, clothes in hand (because I did intend on drying them). I posted myself at the homework table and proceeded to study while I waited for this chick's clothes to finish.

Her timer hits zero. I look around. No chick in sight. I wait a few minutes longer. Nobody. Then I look around for an empty dryer to put my stuff in. All still going. I figured, what the hell. I'm justified in this case. I take her clothes out, set them on top of the rusty ironing board, and put my stuff back in. I guess I was in a fighting mood because if she did happen to come in at the moment of exchange, and tried to come at me about moving her clothes, I was too ready. But I never got the chance. A whole hour went by and this chick never showed. Disappointed at the missed opportunity to fight this broad in the face, I took my clothes out and put hers back in.

What gets me is the fact that this heffa was so thirsty to dry her clothes that she took mine out BEFORE the cycle was even finished. But then she's more than an hour late to get her own clothes? Ugh! I tell you about ass triflin' people...I just know she was clear.

Maybe I was being spared or something. Maybe if she did come down there while my stuff was in the dryer, an old fashion cat fight would've ensued. Maybe I should be thankful.

Whatever the case may be, I know there's a moral in here somewhere. Not quite sure what it is. But what I do know is, I'm missing a pair of my favorite panties....Bitch.


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I hate HATE people like that! I guarentee if you had took her stuff out she would have wanted to fight! I can't stand simple minded ppl, you were def right in your actions!

[$ H A R O N A] said...

wow sorry girls i have been the one to take someones shit out but thats only if its been in there for an eternity. lmao. however you know you coulda got the bitch back? put a red or any other loud color.... blue works pretty good too sharpie in there while its still cycling... as you can see i am a petty bitch.

clnmike said...


You are so better than me.

A dude did that to me when I lived in a college dorm, I pissed on a dude's clothes put it right back in the dryer so it could bake in.

Deutlich said...

I am SO glad I have a washer and dryer unit in-house.

Muze said...

oh. HELL. no.

her stuff would have been chillin on the floor when she finally made it back.

wtfness. that just made me mad. lol. cause i remember being at school and chicks taking my stuff out.

AND you're missing a pair of undies? trife life.

i hope her jeans rip in unholy places when she sits down today.


strangetimes said...

LMAO..."that's some clear people shit right there". Bloggal, I swear to God, I will remember that for the rest of my life.

Goddamm clear people. Clearies.

Oh God.

This happened to me all the time. I didn't have any problems during my first year of University, because the laundry room for my dorm building had at least a dozen washers and a dozen dryers.

The problems started when I was living on my own in an apartment building off campus. There were only two washers and two dryers for an 8-floor building, 8 apartments to a floor. The only time you could really guarantee yourself a machine was either early in the morning or late at night (which didn't bother me, since I'm a night owl anyway).

But you still had people who were so impatient, taking out your clothes and piling them up in the corner so they could get access to a machine.

LOL - This one time, I was really heated because somebody took my clothes out of the dryer and I noticed that they had not finished drying. I looked over to the timer on the dryer, and saw that they had 71 minutes on the clock.

!!! Not only did they remove my clothes from the dryer, but they took them out 10-15 minutes before my cycle was done!!! Some ****** was actually stealing my dryer time, at $1.75 a pop!!!

LOL - I was so tempted to just toss that person's clothes in the corner and wait down there for the confrontation, but I'm a believer in karma (much like yourself). I just took my damp clothes upstairs and air-dried them on a makeshift clothesline that I had.

Anonymous said...

OOOOOHH homie!I'm SOOOO heated ... let me tell you... kind of mean so and so that I Am... I woulda sat there all damned night if needed be, a piece and a half of my mind woulda been had... very much so!

Eb the Celeb said...

you better than me cuz I would have took her ish out and put mine back in and stood down there so I was there when she got back and dared the winch to say something...

Anonymous said...

Ooh that would have burned me up too! Yea I been reading your blog for the past couple of days.Good blog you got here :)

Jaded said...

At the VERY least, I woulda opened the damn dryer door, and stopped her clothes mid-cycle.

Depending how even I was feeling I would have went up stairs, got a tub of lipstick, broke it in half and threw it in the dryer.

However, youre right...two wrongs don't make a right. *sad face*

Anonymous said...

and after yours were done, you put hers back in?? lol you're too nice

Anonymous said...

Good for you on taking the high road Syd. I'd like to "think" I could have taken that road too... but I doubt it. I ain't got no sense, and all her shit would have been FUCKED.

That bitch.

I'm mad at her FOR YOU! And she STOLE a pair of your panties???!!!!

She's GOT to die. Her ass sure was white... only THEY would do some shit like that.

Let me stop... God don't like ugly.

My point is... kudos to you for being a good girl. You must teach me this.

Bloggal said...

@ tgif: it's just too rude for words girl. i was heated. ugh.

@ sharona: you're one of THoSE girls??? LOL. honestly, i would've been less upset if my stuff had 1) completed its cycle and 2) was completely dry. because i actually expected my stuff to be moved. but the fact that she took it out before it was even done was UNCOOOOL. so you're not nearly as bad as her lol.

@ clnmike: you're right. i'm SO much better than you are. that's just nasty dude.

@ deutlich: god i know! i'm apartment searching for next year and that will DEFINITELY be one of those non-negotiables.

@ muze: lol YES girl, i STILL haven't found my panties! maybe she didn't steal them but i sure as hell can't find them! ugh, that mess is infuriating>:-(

@ strangetimes: LMAO! sorry clear person, but their infamous for doing that at my school lol. but that really sucks. that's EXACLTLY what happened to me. i mean, who does that and expects to get away with it?

@ qq: i feel you! i felt like sitting there all night but i HAD to leave because as long as my mind was on that biotch, i couldn't study. so i dipped with dignity lol.

@ eb: i wish i could've cause that shit is STILL bothering me to this day lol. feel like i should've said or done something. but it's water under the bridge now i guess.

@ misschriss: thanks for stoppin by hun! welcome:)

@ jaded: ohhhh, the lipstick thing is a wicked idea! believe me, i was coming up with some very lucrative ways to ruin her shit. but i'm just hoping that since i took the high road, i'll get the same clemency some day.

@ real talk: lol i know right? maybe that was a bit too much hahahah.

@ glo: LMAO!!!! omg you are too crazy...she's gotta die, bitch??? damn! thank you for empathizing with me though lol.

chinkii™ said...

i guess my comment didnt post ehh,, :\

i swear if that dont happen on a daily basis in my laundromat I would've thought something was wrong.

Like I live wit people who tend to bring thier whole damn family to the laudry like its an event... and they bring everything that can be washed with them.

i hat ethe laundry...
funny ass shit though

clear people lol

check my blog for rants like that.

YoungBlackBeauty said...

O M goodness I would have went searching for that hoe! Let her a note or something! That used to happen to me when i lived on campus. People stayed doing that junk.

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