Monday, November 17, 2008

Broken Heart Syndrome

Remember that guy I wrote about a few posts back? The 40 year old who started going coo-coo bananas when his first love dumped him? Well, his claims that his "heart hurt" and that he felt like he was "going to die" weren't totally unfounded. According to this article, a tragic or shocking event (such as a break up) can stun the heart and produce classic heart attack-like symptoms, including chest pain, shortness of breath and fluid in the lungs.

Luckily, unlike a heart attack, Broken Heart Syndrome (medically known as Stress Cardiomyopathy) is reversible if diagnosed early. Patients are hospitalized and can recover within days with no permanent damage to their hearts. Once medical issues are stabilized, seeking a trained mental health specialist will help cure the emotional trauma.

Wow, who knew?


Charles said...

Yeah I knew...I've went through that before and no one can tell me differently.


Bloggal said...

i mean, i always felt like my heart was LITERALLY breaking but i didn't know that emotional pain actually manifested itself on your heart! that's some trippy shit.

karrie b. said...

yea i knew, and even more so for me. leo's rule the heart, chest, and the i'm prone to heart conditions without the love i need.



Nina said...


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