Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Letter to Self

DELETED....A little too personal for Blogland :-*

Anyone who read this post (or didn't) and is curious what it was all about, email me (riprue@yahoo.com).



Anonymous said...

gee, if you are you're own best friend you aren't a very good one : (

be kind to yourself swweetie. if you aren't kind to yourself, accepting of your own flaws and mistakes, no one will be.

love is patient, love is kind.

be both with yourself.


Bloggal said...

thanks cas:) i appreciate that. i know it sounds like i'm bashing myself, but it's justified. for a little background info, you can check out the 'ex files' on the sidebar...but i just have a history of making bad personal decision. i've gotten my act together in most other respects, but i just can't kick this bad habit...i KEEP making the same mistakes even though i know how bad they make me feel.

Jaded said...

Girl you know me. I make too many mistakes. One minute I'm over it all...next I'm right back to where I started.

But, one thing I've realized that is that it NEVER hurts as bad as the last...It's almost like you grow a little more immune to it all each time.

I'ont know.

Bloggal said...

you're so right. i AM immune to it. that's why i say that it's not about him...my anger right now is towards myself because i know that messing with him is a quick path to know where. it's POINTLESS. it always ends the same way, and yet, i don't ever learn. some people know where to draw the line. i'm not one of them, unfortunately.

ShonaVixen said...

hey girl, hope u good xoxo

owen said...

same story different day. women all over the world are exactly the same

Bloggal said...

@ shonavixen: hi there girl, i'm doing much better. thanks for caring:)

@ owen: thanks for that ignorant ass comment. now how about staying off my blog:)

Eb the Celeb said...

damn I missed it

Bloggal said...

you didn't wanna see it babe...well, if you really do, i can email you the original post cause i saved it.

Anonymous said...

I read the post... but had to do so in a mad dash as I was "suppose" to be working.

You're so hard on yourself girl. But I can dig it... cause when you feel like you SHOULD do better, and you don't, it makes it all the more hurtful. But just know, we're all making these mistakes, and you will get past it. These mistakes are going to shape you for the future.

Oh and nd Owen - please shut the fuck up.


owen said...

:o why I'm getting all the heat? I was just saying that your not alone in your situation. although I did it in a kinda assholy kinda way but that is all that I could say after I went to read the older post. I apologize if it came off as abrasive.

Bloggal said...

Glo!!! oh babe, i LOVE you for "owen-please shut the fuck up." you are my bitch FOR REAL. lmao!

yes, i've been told that i am super hard on myself and i'm gonna try to be less so. i'm doing much better now though. thanks:)

@ owen: just for the future, it's important NOT to make sweeping generalizations about women. that shit will get you nowhere.

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