Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me.

I am admittedly a lame. My Big 2-0 is in about 6 hours, and I have absolutely no intentions on going out tonight. My friends can't stand how much of a homebody I am, but what can I say? I party hard about once or twice a season--Homecoming and Halloween were it for me. Plus, it's too frickin' cold outside!

A part of me thinks I should get out there and do something though. After all, this is a milestone birthday. I've reached the end of my teenage years; you only turn 20 once. And aside from that, I didn't get to celebrate hardcore about Obama winning the election and I know errrrrrbody is about to be out tonight. Especially since the Black Alumni Reunion is this weekend....Hmm, I think I just talked myself into party mode.

Enjoy your weekends! I might have pics for you on Monday.

Blog-No Longer A Teenager-gal


Anonymous said...

YAYYYYY Congratulations Grasshopper!

from one homebody to another

antithesis said...

happy birthday!

it's your day so celebrate how you like. if that means staying home, do it. at least do it big for 21. whatever that means for YOU.

clnmike said...

Happy Birthday

your right 20 is no big deal, but 21.....

Charles said...

I cosign with clnmike....even though I didn't do anything for either really. Happy Birthday....enjoy it. I'm a homebody too, so I know exactly what you mean.


Da Hunni Toya said...


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! The big 2 0! Here's the best part; After this, you still have a bunch of other milestones to celebrate! I'm missing my teen years. Though 14 and 17 were by far, the faves!

Happy Birthday, my dear Scorpio! ROCK in 20 proper!

karrie b. said...

you can make your 20th just as big as you like it. numbers are numbers, and there's no real difference between 20 and 21. time is an illusion.

hope your birthday is everything you want it to be.


(vixenchick) said...

happy birthday!



Jaded said...

Happy birthday girl! Yay! 5 years until your quarter life crisis. ;-)

Jayne Dough said...


i so understand.
i spent my 21st in your city and was like eff going out. i just wanna put on some sweats, watch love jones and call it a night.
im whack too. lol

well i hope u had fun


Muze said...


i hope you did SOMETHING.

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