Friday, November 14, 2008

Do You Wanna Touch?

You know me, I couldn't really stay away:). Being the little nerdy weirdo that I am, I've decided to take my one and only break of the day to blog. Not to sleep, not to chill or watch a movie. To spend more time in front of a computer screen pecking away...I think I have an addiction.

It's been a busy week. But more than being busy, it's been lonely. It's always when I'm overwhelmed with an enormous workload that I become aware of the fact that I'm alone. When I say "alone" I'm not just talking about being single. I mean, I am physically alone most of the time. When midterms creep up, I'm forced to decline every invitation to mingle with the rest of humanity.

Friends: "Hey, do you want to grab a coffee tonight?"
Me: "Oh, I can't--homework."

Family: "I haven't talked to you in days! When can we catch up?"
Me: "Never--homework."

Guys: "Are you doing anything tonight? I was thinking we could watch a movie or something."
Me: "Sorry--homework."

I kind of hate school right now. It's robbing me of the time to do everything I want. To write, read, date, spend time with family and friends; time to be around people. It sucks.

I understand that I'm probably just having a Midterm Meltdown. It doesn't help that I am also post-menstrual at the moment (my Bitchy McBitch symptoms last about 4 days after my last "day"). But I don't think this is only stress and hormones talking. I do miss being around people. But more specifically, I miss male company. The male presence. The male touch. And I'm not just talking about sex. I miss the closeness, the warmth a man. There's a void in my life that a vibrator just can't fill...No pun intended (hehehe).

"Science tells us that a touch triggers the release of brain endorphins: an endogenous analgesic more powerful than heroin or morphine. But touch is more than just a scientific confluence of brain chemicals. A touch provides comfort in a freezing night. It makes us feel secure because it unites us with an affectionate, loving, and feeling human being. The warmth it brings is better than the warmth a fireplace can provide. " (click here to read more).

According to this article, physical contact is essential for proper development and general well-being. In a nutshell, this means that people who have the privilege of being touched are more or less happier than those who don't (moi).

In my own research, I've come across these tips for fulfilling the desire to be touched.

  • Give, and ask, for hugs.
  • Snuggle with your children.
  • Pet your dog.
  • Link arms with the elderly and help them across the street.
  • Splurge on a manicure, pedicure, haircut or even a massage
Unfortunately, The Touch isn't the easiest thing to find on a college campus. I can't very well walk up to someone and say:

"Hey, can I have a hug? I kind of need to be touched right now."

I mean, I guess I could but only at the risk of being told to fuck off. Aside from that:
  • I have no children.
  • I have no pets.
  • Elderly people on a college campus? Come on.
  • I can't even afford a new toothbrush, let alone a massage.

For your viewing/listening pleasure, here are a few videos. Gary and Blondie...They feel my pain.

"Do You Wanna Touch Me?"-Gary Glitter

*Sidenote: This video is adapted from the movie Velvet Goldmine (said to be based on David Bowie's career). If your a fan of glam rock, homo erotic sex, glitter, musicals, and orgies--watch this movie! (This means you QQ lol)

"I Touch Myself"-Blondie

Enjoy your weekends! Get touched on my behalf:-)


Charles said...

Awww...that sucks. I know what you mean though...but in reverse. I have someone, but she's so far away.

But ummm...shouldn't you be doing work? That work ain't gonna do itself Syd...


Bloggal said...

yay!!! thanks for leaving your new url. i was wondering where you were. i've been lagging on the rounds so by the time i saw yours, i missed the move. is it cool if i blogroll it or do you want it kept private?

you are correct, i SHOULD be working but i needed a break dammit! my brain is fried lol.

Charles said... prob. And yeah, you can most def add me to the blog roll.

I understand totally about the work...I'm like that all the time.

Anonymous said...

Come on! It's me here bebeh!, QQ Watched! and if you were here I'd hug you up just so you are , in fact, hugged up!

Bloggal said...

@ qq: hahaha, i shoulda known you saw it. duh...::graciously accepts your hugs:: danke!

Anonymous said...

Me and Sophia can send you some banana puddin with vanilla wafers and a teddy bear if that makes you feel better : ( : )
Read, in your spare time, a little novel named "The Richest Man in Babylon". You won't feel broke ever again if you read that book.
By the way, Blondie did not sing I Touch was the Divinyls...check the video here
: )


owen said...

lol, your videos don't seem to be working for me :(

Bloggal said...

@ cas: thanks for the recommendation. and that would explain why i the song was listed under about 4 different artists lol. thanks for clearing that up stopping by:)

@ owen: oh that sucks. you know how youtube is:-/

Bloggal said...

@ cas: oy i almost forgot! thanks for the banana puddin with vanilla wafers and a teddy bear...much love:)

karrie b. said...

you never cease to amaze me with your research...honest. no wonder ive been feeling the way i do lately...not being touched and all.


Bloggal said...

@ kb: finally! someone can relate!!! you feel me honey, it's frustrating. and it's not just about sex either. i just want human contact:(.

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