Thursday, November 6, 2008


With all the Obama Mania going on, I know everybody is Barak-O-Blogging right now. Being that this blog isn't a political one, I'll return to my regular topics after today. But first, I just have to allow myself to bask in the afterglow for a little while.

Today really did feel like a New Day. Since when do we get 75 degree weather in early November in Illinois? Never. It felt like the universe was trying to show us that this really is the dawning of a new era. I felt an energy in the air--it was electric. At a university where black people make up less than 15% of the population, it's easy to be intimidated. To want to fade into the background. But not today. Today, I wanted to be noticed. I walked around with my head held high. I looked my counter parts square in the eyes. I looked at them differently and they looked at me differently. I'm so proud right now. Proud of our new President. Proud of the young voters. Proud of the white voters. Proud to be Black. Proud to be an American.
My president is Black....Wow, I'll never get tired of saying that lol.


Eb the Celeb said...

I love that picture... even though its a small sprinkle of chocolate... its extremely beautiful... I feel like what they said when we walked on the move has more meaning now...

One small step for man (meaning all we had to do was actually vote) and one giant leap for mankind (because our president is a black man)

Bloggal said...

i so agree with you. the whole WORLD is celebrating. this is definitely a leap for mankind.

strangetimes said...

LOL - I found this picture online and I posted it to my facebook page. It truly is marvellous. There is another one that has the actual photos of all the presidents, ending with a shot of Obama smoking a cig, looking like a badass.

I was glued to CNN all of Tuesday. Didn't do my assignments, just watched the results roll in.

I was so elated when he won. I can't really put into words how I felt when he walked onto that stage with his wife and children. It was a powerful moment.

LOL - Even better was his first press conference as President-elect. The whole time, I was just thinking to myself, "For the first time in 8 years, America actually has a president that THINKS about questions when they are asked. Not only that, he responds with intelligent and COHERENT answers!" It was like coming up for fresh air.

Incidently, when I get a chance tomorrow, I will post in here a BARACK OBAMA EPIC WIN THREAD from a movie forum I like to attend. It is hillarious.

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