Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm All Smiles

Hey honeys!

So, I've been reading your comments and found them really helpful. I knew you ladies would know just what to say, so keep the comments coming!

The consensus seemed to be that I need to get myself out of the house and do something fun. Keep myself busy. Well, tonight was going to be one of those early-to-bed-movie-for-one nights but after reading your comments, I opted to go out. Today was the probate, step show, and party for a frat on campus so I joined my girlies for a night out. I had a pretty good time, especially considering I managed to get into the step show and party without paying. I was looking fab, full of energy, having a grand old time, when I happen to see Ex's girlfriend (we'll call her Baby Spice today). Surprisingly, I wasn't the least bit affected for once. I just casually gestured toward her and my girls gave me the knowing eye-roll: Ex was definitely near by.

I paid no mind and decided to keep dancing. Eventually, he and I were shoulder to shoulder. We never once made eye contact but I think it was obvious that we when in each other's presence. But again, I was strangely unaffected.

The party goes on, all the while he and I somehow kepting ending up in each other's vicinity, but never once acknowledging each other. Eventually, the lights came on and it was time to go. We all filed out, and I waited at the door for my friend. I happened to look up and see Ex across the the room. My gaze must've lingered a little too long because our eyes finally locked. We smile and nod. Nothing more.
I continued to wait by the door while the droves of people come rushing through, when I saw Baby Spice approaching. By then I'd somehow taken the post of the door person and was propping it open for the people filing through. For a split second I had the mind to drop the door when she came walking through lol. But that would've been severely bitchy so I held it open for her. As she walks through, this broad actually shoots me a dirty look and then says (audible as hell) to her friend: There goes ____'s ex girlfriend. Her friend proceeds to look around and says, Where? Then they both look back at me as Baby Spice says, Her. My immediate reaction was to was laugh. She didn't even have the decency to talk about me until she was at least two inches away from me. I found that incredibly hilarious for some reason.

So, finally the mob has exited the dance hall and we're all kind of loitering in the lobby. I spot Ex and his pocket-size girlfriend standing together. I guess she saw me to because she instantly did one of those territorial This-Is-MY-Man moves and grabbed his hand. Again, all I could do was smile.

I'm actually quite happy that I decided to go out tonight because I had already had plans to have an old fashion pitty party. I gave my girls the excuse that I would be doing homework when I knew good and well that I was probably going to end up watching a movie by myself. And then I read you all's fabulous advice and decided not to stay home feeling sorry for myself. I glammed up, went out, and had an awesome time tonight. What's best is that I didn't even anticipate the fact that Ex or his Baby Spice would be there. But still, seeing them did nothing to my system like it usually does.

This was the first time I've seen Ex since we've stopped talking. I was dreading the moment but I think it played out in the best way possible. In a situation where I should've felt at least the slightest bit anxious, I felt supremely confident and at ease. And in a situation that I could've handled in an undignified, hoodrat sort of way, I handled with pure class. Feels like a small victory.

See...All smiles=)


Anonymous said...

my dearest baby chick: you look sooo gorgeous that you finna make my head explode... furthefuckingmore

whatsherface is showing her colors right there and her insecurities and showing you your blessings right there cause:

she knows that aint her man (and truly, nigglets contacting othe women on the low and sending cockshots aint nobody's man, instead just free)

you aint his girlfriend: which saves you the grief of being that insecure snippity bitch...frowning about and being extra sour only lead to early wrinkles and i see how being with that kind of dude would in fact age you before your time!


antithesis said...

yay you! im very proud of you. im like 100% sure you looked way better than her that night, too. so bonus!

Amber-Alert said...

im glad u went out and had a great time even tho she was clearly tryin to start unnecessary shit...u aint feed into it tho and thats exactly what she wanted lol...crazy...cute pic

strangetimes said...

Two thumbs up! (For the way you carried yourself, for going out and having a goodtime, for your relaxed state of mind, and definitely for your photo.)

Loving the hairstyle my dear.

Heck, you pulled off so much on one night, you also deserve this:

*tips his hat*

Enjoy your Sunday.

Jaded said...

You look great, and not cause you knew you were going to see him or her...thats an awesome feeling, looking good just cause.

As you know, you handled yourself superbly.

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Ew I hate girls like that you can tell she has self esteem problems lol

Heather K said...

um small victory??? nope i believe that was a huge victory! and for numerous reasons

karrie b. said...

and you KNOW we would never steer you wrong right?

glad you were the bigger person, and got bitches whispering and shit telling their friends about you. it's a hairflip. fuck all them darkies.

the picture is FIERCCCCCCE miss honey. WORK.


Anonymous said...

STUNNING. You look absolutely stunning and you GLOW. Meanwhile, her dumb ass is worrying about someone taking her man?
Trust me, now is not the time to latch on to any man in your life. Enjoy the time you have alone, browse the aisles, be selective. Most importantly, HAVE FUN. There will be time enough for you to be miserable when you are married with three kids.

And keep that BEAUTIFUL smile on your face : )

Today I want you to put on your headphones and listen to Denise Williams "FREE". Drift off, envision all the love you want to have in your life...make a wish. It will ALL come true. But you have to WANT it to...thats the catch.

Peace, Cas

Anonymous said...

And that, young miss, is how it's done!!

I WISH I'd had your class and composure at your age! You handled the situation perfectly. Now get on about the business of being happy and active!

Charles said...

You better DO THAT!!! I see you looking all flyy....

Bloggal said...

qq: there is sooooo much truth to all you say.

her reactions to me just reaffirmed how much i've grown and how far i've come from juvenile games. i will NEVER be that girl to be all possessive and claim staking in public. i wasn't even that girl when he and i were together. but it's true that, when you make such a fuss about claiming your man, you just turn out looking insecure.

@ antithesis: lol! well, i don't want to took my own horn but i was feeling/looking flyy that night:)

@ amber-alert: thanks hun!

@ strange times: lol well thank you very much my friend. hope your weekend was as well spent as mine!

@ jaded: thanks! and you're so right. it was the best feeling that i got dressed, not for him or her, but for myself. seeing them was just a bonus lol.

@ tgif: well i wasn't gonna say it

@ heather: i agree! it WAS a big victory wasn't it? lol

@ kb: "fuck all them darkies"?...BWAHAHA! it ain't a thang though babe. definitely a hairflip AND a snap!

@ casper: awww, thank you mama:) i will definitely download that song asap!!!

@ robino: i'm on it, ma'am. my week is already packed with things to do so i won't have ANY down time.

@ charles: thanks buddy:)

Amber ♥. said...

i agree with everyone. like amber said u can tell she was trying to start shit.

as long as u had fun. who cares about her

cute pix

Anonymous said...

Good for you girl!! You are so FILLED with class that, that biotch could not take it! Thats too funny.

And my oh my do you look like total hot stuff. Love that pic... she couldn't HELP but hate, you're just THAT damn fly.


Muze said...

awww you look gorgeous! your hair is beauuutiful. i can't read right now but i wanted to stop by and say hey!

glad you are all smiles though. life has been hectic! can't even keep up my nosiness in the lives of others. lol.

hope all is well hun!

1/3 said...

I'm glad you went out and had fun despite the ex and his jealous girl being there! U handled ur self with class so be proud of yourself!!

You look so pretty in your pic too! glad that you are smiling again:-)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

great smile

lmao at "man move"

YoungBlackBeauty said...

You look glowing and gorgeous. I missed out on the whole giving advice post but Im happy that is was well received and useful.

Don't you just hate little immature girls like that. You should have smiled and waved at her like she was puppy. LOL!

But seriously, the bigger woman is always the winner. She'll be the new Ex soon anyway.

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