Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This Love... the kind I dream about.

I've watched this video three times in a row and I cried every single time. I feel so proud and, dare I say it, hopeful...It's simply beautiful and inspiring.


Anonymous said...

Girl! You and me both. Every time I watch this I have to stop myself from trying to draw parallels between the Obamas and me and my sweetie. Like, "Oh, he's light skinned and I'm chocolate, so that's what we'd look like on our wedding day!" LMAO.

It's hard to not get swept up in the romance. It is indeed beautiful. We just have to remind ourselves that they're real grown ups who once muddled through the same craziness that we're experiencing now in our 20s. As long as we focus on growing and becoming better people, we'll all get there one day.

Anonymous said...

I feel you on this one girl. They are so IN LOVE. Like really, simply, IN LOVE. I appreciate this post soooo much. It's totally the kind of love we all dream about.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the spin just TOO SWEET?


I love the Obama's.

And homechick, I forget her name... wait Kerry Washington... the tears in her eyes, the look on her face... you just know... everyone was touched.

Anonymous said...

Last comment... LOL.

Beyonce was really choked up too.

How cute.

karrie b. said...

im bout tired of cryin azz cryin over the obamas! for real! i heart them like my own family...


strangetimes said...

What I love the most about it, is the symbolism of the whole affair.
I didn't even realize it until my Mom brought it to my attention.

I phoned her up and we were talking about the inauguration. She told me that Michelle's evening dress looked like a wedding gown.

I went back to the pictures, the one that was on the front page of yesterday's newspaper. She was right. In fact, they both looked like the guy and gal figurines you see on top of the wedding cakes (particularly because Obama was wearing a bow-tie).

I think this wasn't accidental. It was a nice, subtle way of showing to the world the strength and beauty of black love. That it is strong, and awe-inspiring.

LOL - There is a good reason this image will be my facebook profile picture for a good long while.

Anonymous said...

↑↑ Interesting... I didn't see the symbolism until you pointed it out... good points.

Ok. THIS is my last comment.


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

You, me and millions of others! lol Michelle is so lucky!

Brothers Blog said...

Yeah I think we all dream about this kind of love. But if nothing else it let's you know that it's possible. So there is hope.

Anonymous said...

Cute and adorable... it just kills me with a lovely dose of sugar: not just how they are all close and hugged up.. but the way he LOOKS at her when she is talking... he is Listening to her as much as she is listening to him

*le swoon*

clnmike said...

Damn, it was just a f#%&$ dance!

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