Monday, January 19, 2009

My Happy Place

Hellloooooo everybody! Happy Martin Luther King Day/Day Off!

Funny that most people's day off is my first day back at school. Well, technically classes start tomorrow, but I moved in yesterday and the work has already started. Sigh. I got used to being a lazy bum over break. I'm going to miss the insomniac nights and sleeping til noon the next day. But I'm also semi-ready to get back on my educational grind so it's cool. At least I can finally make the blog rounds today. I've missed your blogs so much, I just didn't get the chance to read them. And if I did, I never really had time to comment. So I've got alot of catching up to do with some of you.

Coming back to school after a break is always...strange. It's amazing how much you can change in such a short time. Or better yet, how your environment can change you. I had a fabulous break even though it was less than spectacular. Going home is just always such a cathartic experience. There's just something about being around my family that always brings out the best in me. At home I'm happier, friendlier, all around more easy going. But when I get back to school, I'm a little more introverted and less amiable. What gives? I don't really know. But it's something I notice every time I come back here.

For some reason, being here can zap my energy in a millisecond. I don't know if it's the stressors of school, the people, the negativity, or the monotony of it all, but I always fall into a rut at some point. My goal this semester is not to lose my Happy Place. I was, and am, very much at peace with myself right now. And I don't want to lose that peace. So, if it takes chanting or meditating or praying to keep myself where I am, I'll do it. Because I'm not going to let this school steal my happy again.

Just something to think about. As emotionally impressionable as we are, try not to let your surroundings steal your joy. I know it's difficult if you find yourself trying to be happy in the midst of down-trodden people who exude negativity. But at best, all they can do is put a damper on your day. They can't extinguish the hopeful flame that burns in your heart though. If you're happy, stay happy. And if you're not, do what it takes to be happy. May sound easier said than done, but it isn't. Figure out what you need to do to get there. And just do it.

Am I happy? Content would be the better word. I'm incredibly blessed right now and, though there are things I still desire, I'm in a good place. All it took was doing what I knew I needed to do. And as hard as it was to do it (pardon my vagueness), I know it was the best thing for me.

So, find your Happy Place. Find it, and don't let anyone take it from you. Period.


karrie b. said...

YESSSSSSSSSSS! dont let anything or anyone have control over your emotions. try to stay in that happy place as long as you can...


Charles said...

Keep your happy place BlogGal. I hope you have a great semester....

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I feel you I go back to school tomorrow and wish I could put it off until next week :( lol

Anonymous said...

Preach Baby Chick PREACH! Mine is a clusterfuck of sleeping with my puppy/flirty face/cute clothes/orgasm/Laughing til I cry with the spicks/slightly drunk/eating latin food and guavas for dessert and being super efficient at work THAT is what my happy place taste like

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