Friday, January 30, 2009

Do you guys remember this book? It used to be my favorite growing up.

Poor Alexander, he was having the worst luck of his life that day. And today I can relate. Oh, just a heads up. There's no point to this post. I just feeling like bitching and moaning.

So, I have Friday's off this semester. Awesome, right? I use this as my sleep late/ take care of non-school related business/chill day. Top priority today is laundry (yes, another laundry debacle). The change machine was broken so I did what I usually do in that case. I put my solid dollars in a vending machine to get quarters in return. Only today it did't work. I lost a whole damn dollar! What was fucked up was I couldn't even get anything out of the machine because it was some $2 vitamin water and I wasn't about to fork up another buck for some watered down ass Koolaid. Fortunately, I managed to scoop up some spare change, and I was able to do start one load. Yep, threw errthang in that bitch regardless of color.

So about 30 minutes ago, I went down to start drying my clothes, another dolla bill in hand....Ugh, now I might be a dumbass for trying this again, but I went to a different vending machine this time. And, mind you, the trick usually works. I just thought that particular machine was tweeking today. So, I tried it again in a different one. I put the dollar in, pressed 'coin return', and in big dumb letters I see: You must select a product.


Oh, but it gets better. So, now I'm sitting there with the shit face on because I have NO money to dry my clothes. But since I put my dollar in a cheaper machine this time, I decided to buy something. The only thing that was a dollar, and wouldn't destroy my diet, was a tiny ass bag of overpriced Chex Mix. I hit the botton and, what do you think happens? The bitches fall forward and get stuck in the vending machine.

I seriously thought I was being Punk'd. Annnnnd the machine had the nerve to taunt me, saying some "Thank you for your purchase. Have a great day." Fuuuckkk YOU, thieving ass vending machine!

I went to the front desk and made a complaint. Of course, since the desk is run by unconcerned students, they had nothing helpful to say. Just shrugged and gave me a complaint form to fill out.

If it wasn't for my girl, the Best Former Roommate in the World and fellow blogger Heather K., I would be ready to give somebody hell. Luckily, she had my back and gave my broke ass $.75 to dry my clothes with. Thanks babes!

Whew! But isn't that like, the worst luck ever? Now I know how little Alex must've felt. I still think I was being Punk'd or on Boiling Point though. I wish I hadn't lost my cool. Could've got a $100 out of it...


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

This was one of my fav books! I think I still have a copy in my basement ;) I hate broke down machines, you have restraint cause I would have been tipping it over!!!! lol

strangetimes said...

I swear, I was really trying not to laugh at the post, but the "Thank you for your purchase" bit put me over the edge. I've lost my cool when newspaper boxes steal my loonies and quarters. Oh, I know I've put dents in some machines.

Anonymous said...

I Really held it for as long as possible, but I've soooo been there that I couldn't help the giggle!

I am however washing at my momma tomorrow cause I don't have the spirit or the patience for some ol bullshit tomorrow

Bloggal said...

lol y'all ain't shit for laughing a me. i was pissed the hell off.

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