Monday, October 20, 2008

Dating 101: The Truth About Why Men Cheat

I always see these little stories featured on Yahoo since it's been my homepage for so long. I never click on them, but this one caught my eye.

Out of 200 men surveyed:

48% of men rated emotional dissatisfaction as the primary reason they cheated.
66% of cheating men report feeling guilt during the affair.
77% of cheating men have a good friend who cheated.
40% of cheating men met the other woman at work.
Only 12% of cheating men said their mistress was more physically attractive than their wife.
Only 6% of cheating men had physical intimacy with a woman after meeting her that same day or night.

There's a full article, but I'm only posting the statistics because I found them the most interesting. Click here for the entire story.

I'm actually shocked that so many guys feel guilty (66%) during the affair. I'd like to say that I'm surprised that only 12% of the men said their mistresses were more attractive than their wives. But I'm not. Don't know what it is, but alot of times guys seem to downgrade in physical appearance when they cheat. That's what happened to me. WTF's up with that? I'd semi understand if the chick was hotter than me. But when she's got a busted face/body/attitude, I take that shit even more personally lol.


antithesis said...

it doesnt make sense for someone to cheat with someone less physically attractive. but then again it does. maybe they have other more attractive qualities. i guess sometimes it's just like, "hey, it was on a platter for me to have..."

Anonymous said...

I've read this and the e-book it came from

Basically infuriating shit cause not only do we as women have to be good moms, good workers, driven, sexy, work out be good daughters but now we gotta ego stroke 24/7 and STILL live in utter paranoia that the dude we end up with doesnt have cheating insctints/friends/fathers/ lack of remorse/low self esteem/a hot co-worker blah balh balh

They can go kick rocks with that bullshit

Charles said...

I don't think 200 men is a big enough of a selection pool...and where are these men at? I don't know...I think people who cheat are just people who are in a relationship that they don't find 100% pleasing, and instead of manning up (or womanning up) and ending the whole thing, they want the security of knowing they're in a relationship, but also have this fling on the side.
Women cheat too...and to me, some of those reasons they do seem mysterious to me...

clnmike said...

Known facvt that men do not ordinarily cheat with a women who is better looking because.

1- attractive women do not feel the need to play 2nd fiddle.

2- attractive women will attarct more men who do have the time to give them there undevided attention.

3- Attractive women means that there is a good chance that the man will leave his significant other which they dont want to do so they avoid.

Bam said...

Men cheat cause of the "Siren" effect.

They are drawn to a woman who is interesting to them, that they have no legal or emotional responsibility for.

Its easy and she can't cut up like the wife can.

*thanks for swinging by my place earlier.


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