Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Question of the Day

Hey blog fam. How's everyone doing today?

I for one, am feeling MUCH better. If you couldn't tell by my post before this one, I was still a little down in the dumps about Mr. Cocky and the whole FBW disaster. I was even contemplating discontinuing this blog for a while because I didn't even feel like thinking about dating, let alone writing about it. But I found my inner peace, thanks to everyone's wonderful comments...For real, ya'll. I'm really starting to realize how much I've grown to consider my blog family actual friends. Your words, encouragement, and advice are invaluable, and I just want to thank everyone who commented in the past few days. I really appreciated it :). *E-Hug*

So, I was surfing the Freelance Writers Job Board (a GREAT resource for writers seeking temporary/permanent positions) a few days ago and I found a website looking for a person write their Question of the Day column. The questions could range from politics to entertainment to relationships. It could be anything at all, as long as you came up with a new question everyday. The monthly stipend is $100, which may not seem like much, but would do wonders for a broke college student like me, so I jumped at the oppurtunity. But after I applied I started to realize that I've already got a ridiculous work load as it is. I have two blogs I try to update daily, a shitload of homework, as well as a weekend job, and I really don't have the time to devote to another blog. But the thing is, I liked the idea of a daily question. So, here's something I'm going to try from now on. I'm going to start really posting questions everyday. Depending on the level of participation, I might make it a Question of the Week instead. Or I might even make it a poll on the side bar. We'll see.

So anyway, I had my tongue pierced for about 6 months last year, but then I took it out because I was sick of the attention I was getting for it. I got the piercing because I always wanted one, so it wasn't for sexual reasons. But, to the public, having an oral ring was like having "I love giving head" tattooed on my tongue. I didn't like what conclusion guys instantly jumped to since I really did only get it for fashion purposes, so I got rid of it. But lately, I've been looking at my collection of tongue rings and I'm starting to miss it. So, I'm thinking about getting it peirced again.
That said, this question is directed to both girls and guys, because I've come in contact with quite a few fellas who've had their tongues peirced, believe it or not.
Tongue rings: turn-on or turn-off?


Jaded said...

Off lol.

My bff had her tongue pierced (twice!!) but I think she kinda grew out of it.

But if you like it do it, you can always take it out.

Anonymous said...

I like it, but generally speaking I LOVE all sorts of piercings and tatts and such, in guys or girls, not from the turn on or off standpoint... I'm just into them

antithesis said...

turn-off only because i had one and HATED the way people looked at me for it. i took that thing out after about 6 months, too.

poison.ivy said...

i with Q...i love piercing and tattoos...i had a tongue ring...but took it out, i AM getting it back though

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

nothing cosmetic is a turn on or off to me, its the person and their actions but jones here a LAME

Muze said...

hmmm i'd have to say turn-off to me.

only because, like you said, of the stigmas that it brings.

but hey, i waiting until i was 26 to get my belly pierced. lol. and even then, it was my little sister who made me. so my opinion may be a little slanted. lol.

...and don't you just LOVE the freelance writers board? i have it linked on my site cause i wanted to share the wealth! lol.

Bloggal said...

@ jaded: a turn off in men or women. or both? lol

@ q: i feel ya. tats and piercings are hot on guys. for real. i'm a little more particular when it comes to females. piercings don't work on everyone.

@ antithesis: i know! the looks got very annoying. couldn't stand it. i hate that i gave in to societal pressure, but i couldn't stand the negative connotation.

@ poison ivy: you and i both girly. i've been itching to go under the needle again, and i think that's gonna be the next thing i get.

@ torrence: you callin me a lame or did i just misunderstand you again? lol

@ muze: oh cool, i see you've bookmarked FWJ as well! not a day goes by that i don't check the boards. it's definitely a freelance writer's best friend.

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