Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm Back!

Finally, right? I've been busting my academic ass for the past week and now I can finally post regularly again. Oh, how I've missed blogging. I was seriously considering taking a sabbatical, but I see now that I can't stay away from this blog for too long. With Homecoming and midterms a thing of the past, my schedule will definitely be less hectic and I can write as often as I'd like (for the most part).

Speaking of Homecoming...You know how the longer you wait to write about something, the more irrelevant it becomes? Yeah, that's kind of how Homecoming is starting to look. There were a few memorable moments, but the weekend as a whole isn't worth recounting detail for detail. Especially not after only a total of 14 hours of sleep in THREE days. Yes, you read correctly. I have to pat myself on the back though; I beat my midterm's ass! On Monday, I had two exams in the same afternoon so I had to study for them simeoultaneously. I had another exam Tuesday, but I also had TWO term papers due, so I had to write and study in the same night. I have no idea how I pulled it off, but I did. And I'm pretty confident that I aced both my exams and papers. That said, I'm am completely beat. I can hardly keep my eyes open as I type, so please forgive me if my writing is spastic and all over the place.

So, this is more of a Glad To Be Back post. Maybe tomorrow, after I make up on some much needed Zzzzs, I'll feel more inclined to talk about this past weekend (there are definitely some moments worth mentioning). As for right now, I'm about to take a hot shower and hop my sleepy ass into bed. It's about 1am and I have a 9:30 class so it's about that time...

Ahhh, sure feels good to be back.


Charles said...

Midterms can be a beast can't they? I'm glad you made it through unscathed though

Eb the Celeb said...

Glad your back... that's one thing I never understood is why they put homecoming and midterms so close together... they know we're partying and aint got time for term papers and

Bloggal said...

lol hell yeah! doesn't make ANY sense hahaha.

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