Monday, February 9, 2009

Post Secret + V-Day = A Happy BlogGal!

So, I'm super stoked about this week. I've got alot going on academia wise, but also some pretty cool events to look forward to. For one thing, tomorrow is the day that the founder of Post Secret comes to my school to give a lecture! Last week, I was in line bright and early to snag my ticket and guarantee myself a spot there. They "sold out" two days later (nearly 2000 tickets). They were actually giving them away for free on a first come/first serve basis and I managed to get two. But I gave one of my tickets away to stranger whom I heard ranting about how bad he wanted to go, but couldn't since the tickets were all gone. I pretty much made that guy's life. I planned to go alone anyway. There's just something about the anonymity of it all that makes it feel okay to go it alone.
And then there's V-Day. No, I'm not talking about Valentines Day. I'm talking about the fact that on February 13th, the Women's Film Festival on campus is making a Vagina Monologue documentary. And guess what? I'm going to be interviewed for it! The film will be edited and screened on March 1st. If I find an online copy, I'll post it:)


Jaded said...

Ooooooohhh! So your gonna be a star? Awesome.

Enjoy the show, I never did anything productive (that wasn't sorority related) so I'm rather jealous lol.

Ms. Independent said...

Coolness... I'd love to atten one of the Post Secret events. At least your school has some fun stuff going on...everything here is wack.

Have fun and enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

OOOOHH that is so fub abd awesome! I love these upcoming activities!!

1/3 said...

Yay to you being in the documentary! I actually liked the vagina monologues when it came to my school. I know u will do well:-)

no fair frank never comes to HBUs for post secret:-(. I hope you have fun tho!

Indrayani aka, Indi! said...

WOW.. I just finished reading it!!!
What are you goin to be interviewed for?
Get in the details once its done!Congrats!!!!

Charles said...

I loved the Vagina Monologues. I really don't the the fascination with Post Secret though...but umm...glad you got tickets and looked out for someone who didn't

Experience is the best teacher. said...

Sounds fun!

I saw advertisements for the Vagina Monologues thing last year... Why does all the fun stuff have to happen after I leave!?

Brothers Blog said...

congrats on the interview. And that was great you giving that ticket away. It'll definitely come back.

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