Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

No, ladies and gents. This is not a premature Flick Friday recommendation. This is not a movie review. I did, indeed, manage to lose a guy in 10 days.

For those just tuning in, check out days 1-6 here, here, and here. For everyone else, I'll just pick up where I left off.

Thursday (Day 7)

My last entry was about Mr. Cocky wanting a break. I attempted to stay cool and let it play out, but I ended up sending him a message instead. I can't remember word for word what it said, but in so many words:

"I believe your reason for wanting this break is because you couldn't get your way. Since I wouldn't give you want you wanted, you all of a sudden need 'time to think'...Well, I've been doing some thinking too and think it's best we don't talk anymore."

He immediately called me asking why I sent the message, explaining that it "wasn't like that"...But he still never told me what it was "like".

I didn't let his ambiguity get to me because we had talked a few things through and were on better terms by then. I had made plans with some girlfriends to see A Family That Preys (not Tyler Perry's best, by the way) but Mr. Cocky and I agreed to meet once I got back home that night.

At 2am.

I called Mr. Cocky around 2:15 and he came over. Since I didn't have early classes the next morning, we decided to just kick for a while. But instead, he ended up spending the night and um...

What can I say, my hormones got the best of me. This was by far the sluttiest/cuntiest/hoebaggish move I've ever made, but instead of regretting it, I'm embracing it. I won't disclose any details, however, I will say this:

It was the best sex I've ever had.

Not an exaggeration.

Friday (Day 8)

Time apart.

Saturday (Day 9)

Opps, I did it again.

Sunday (Day 10)

We decided that we seriously needed to talk. We both felt pretty guilty about how quickly we'd moved, especially because there was great chemistry and potential for something longterm. He told me how this was classic behavior for him, only he wished that he hadn't done it with me. He told me that he really did like me, but he knew if we continued talking, we'd just continue having sex. So we both decided some time apart would be best.

WARNING: Only follow these steps, if your intentions are to break up with a guy you're dating. Otherwise, let this be a lesson of what not to do lol.

In all seriousness, I realize I did royally eff this one up. Not so much because I had my first one-week-stand, but because I know it could’ve been something good. It could’ve been something real and I blew it with sex. Damn.

A year ago this would’ve devastated me. A notch on my bedpost that didn’t result in a relationship? OMG!!!! But now, it’s kind of like, oh well. Living a life of regret isn’t one worth living. You just learn from your mistakes and move on.

It still sucks though. I liked Mr. Cocky. He was funny. He was cute. He got my sense of humor, and guys rarely do. We had amazing chemistry, both sexually and mentally....He was the best one-week-stand a girl could ever have.

*Sigh* Oh well. Into the Ex Files he goes.


antithesis said...

while i understand your logic i think that if it was really going to be something real it would have been/is going to be. yes, sex interfers and causes confusion. it's not like u slept with him the very first day of meeting him. personally, i dont think you did anything really wrong. but maybe im a slutfest...

Anonymous said...

well I am a slutfest and I have in fact had very long term meaningful relationships off of crazier deals (think first date gone way way way wild) than this so as an old hand I will say:

A)you shouldn't feel bad /whory/whatever, you are young, he wasn't a stranger, you liked each other, it was a mutual participation contact sport!

B) Good of you for not lingering in this shit nor having to make it about a relationship ASAP

C) this guy's moves stink to me of someone with smooth moves actually trying to get something out of you, got it now wants to act with the good ol' "oh but I like you so much I must stop seeing you" or "in order not to hurt you with my "moves" craptalk". Real Talk men are NOT so concerned with passing off good sex over a friendship/relationship/whatever, in fact, they'll work it out if the really want to make it work!, I think is a case of he knows that he can't push certain things with you and always have it like BK gives it to him (having it his way all day every day) so the manly Cut & run maneuver is the best way to go for him

D) which leads me to a hearty BOOOO yt BOOOOOOO

E) if a guy wants to kick it with you all the other shit is background noise: they'll call when they say they will, they do what they say they gonna do and no matter what you do or how fast/slow/whorey you take it... he will be there the next day and the next week

Bloggal said...

@ antithesis: i get your points. i know that it is quite possible to start a relationship with sex and it turns out to be one of the best you've ever had. in my experiences though, sex from the get-go is a no no. i guess i just have a hang up when it comes to guys seeing me ONLY as the best sex he's ever had...

@ QQ: and you may be right about him playing the nice guy role. but in all honesty, i initiated everything. i had this "fuck it, let's fuck" attitude and i pretty much raped the guy..but it could've been a number of things: maybe he just wasn't that into me or maybe he felt like he divided and conquered and there was no use in talking anymore...don't know. but the consensus was that, if a relationship did ever arise, we didn't want it to be built on sex. so i guess the point of taking time apart is to "forget" what happened. which obviously never works so w/e.

he also tried to blame the shit on his religion which was kind of laughable to me. i'll admit, he is a practicing muslim (he's been fasting for the past month) but i don't buy the whole "i wanna get right with god" thing. please.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to have to concur with the general consensus on this one.

Girl, you are in college. College is the capital of "Sex without Relationships" arrangements. So no judgement here. I had AWESOME non-committed sex my entire college career. Great times.

If a guy likes you, he'll like you. That whole "men lose interest after sex" thing is wrong. Men who dip after sex were never really interested anyway. Do you and have fun.

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