Sunday, September 21, 2008

TMI Award

Hello everyone. I feel so neglectul. I'm sure no one has missed me (lol) but it's depressing that I can't blog like I want to anymore. All too often, I'm faced with the choice of blogging, doing homework, or sleeping. Almost always, homework wins out...Ugh, sometimes I feel like dropping out of school lol.

But alas, I've got some very exciting news--at least for me anyway. I got my first PAYING writing gig! I'm a columnist for a website about entertainment on and off campus. It's my job to write about art exhibits around campus, as well as on a national scale. It hasn't gone live yet, but as soon as it does, I'll put the url up. Yay for me!

Soooo, on to the Honest Blogger award. I was tagged by Jaded--my first tag ever so thanks for making me feel special lol...I titled this post TMI because most likely that's what most of you will be thinking by the time you finish reading it. Don't know why I've been so sex obsessed lately, but just a warning: 50% of the confessions are sexual in nature. Reader discrection is advised.

  • I'm afraid of losing someone I love.

  • I'm afraid that I'm unlovable.

  • I'm afraid of going to Hell.

  • I'm afraid of dying alone.

Okay, enough fears...

  • I can flex my breasts and my ass. Porno style.

  • I made a porno with my Ex
  • I've oral and genuinely enjoy it. There, I said it.

  • I'm thinking of getting my hmm-hmm pierced.

  • I'm a conservative freak meaning, with the right guy, I'm down for pretty much anything.

I've got oodles more but decided to do you all of favor and not get that personal lol.

Tagging: Fluff, Don, Skinny Black Girl, Antithesis, and Dope Fiend.


Eb the Celeb said...

jealous of the flexing...

my boobs nor my as are big enough

karrie b. said...

@ eb: your ass and boobs dont have to be big to do that, the muscles have to be strong. i know cause i can flex my ass. currently working on the boobies hehe

and awwww...please dont fear being unlovable. thsts impossible for you my dear.


Jaded said...

OMG I'm super jealous of the does one learn how to do that?

I it practice?

Or is it like winking...some people can do it, some people can't?

Thanks for the happy b-day!!!!

Anonymous said...

You have to teach me the flexing position. In return, I will lend you my stripper pole, when I buy it.

Camila said...

LOL @ JADED. "Is it like winking?"

Fo' real!? I want to flex my boobies and booty too. I think you should totally analyze this in your next blog post :)

Congrats on the award lovey :]

Anonymous said...

Aww Yay for you!!!

I give oral and genuinely enjoy it. There, I said it.: Praise!!

# I'm thinking of getting my hmm-hmm pierced: Doe, loves it, I never tell guys AT ALL til they find out for themselves and damned near shit a cow!

And you ARE lovable fool!!, i love you for one!

Bloggal said...

@ eb: karrie is right, size doesn't matter. it's all about muscle control lol.

@ karrie b: thank you, love. i needed to hear that:).

@ jaded: well, i guess you could say it's like winking lmao...i don't know how i discovered i could do it. but once i realized i could, i started practicing lol.

@ fluff: a stripper pole, huh? your gonna have to teach me how to use that lol.

@ camila: lol i know, i should! it's one of those weird talents i assumed everyone had.

@ qq: aww thanks for the love, babe:) one question, how long did it hurt after you got pierced? i got my tongue pierced once and it didn't hurt at all. the worst part was the healing.

Don said...

I'm a conservative freak meaning, with the right guy, I'm down for pretty much anything.

*makes note to no longer blog in the mornings while wearing only boxers*

Hey, congratulations and thanks for the Blog Award. I doubt if I will do the tag, but wanted to let you know that I do appreciate the recognition.

Anonymous said...

Why did I read this the other day and not pay any attention to the fact that I got tagged? Lol.

Now what is this talk of boob flexing? I've heard of butt flexing but you can do that up top too? Hmm. Maybe I have heard of it and just disregarded because I'm so skinny. But I agree. Some kind of tutorial post is in order here, because apparently I need to be put on game! Lol.

Muze said...

ha. i agree with almost all of your confessions. ha.

now this ass and breast flex. now THAT sounds awesome. i'm with skinny... where's the tutorial?

well, i can do the bottom.. but the upper half? thought i was too small for all that. ha.

good post.

Bloggal said...

@ don: *makes note to no longer blog in the mornings while wearing only boxers* LMAO!

yea, don't feel obligated, it was just a shout out cause me loves your blog.

@ skinny and muze: alrighty, i guess i do have to post some sort of tutorial. coming

rebecca said...

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